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A Winter Healthy Garden to Eat! Try It.

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Do you love gardening? Do you want to make it year-round? Yes, it is possible to grow fresh eatable plants such as lettuce, herbs, and even tomatoes and peppers. Try some mushrooms already in their season of cold fall to early spring. Want some sprouts? Tasty and easy to grow, try them. The best thing to consider in the winter is indoor gardening. This article will be filled with suggestions on how to survive the winter with healthy vege’s, herbs, and plants from your indoor garden.

Light, Light and More Light
Plants need water, nutrients, and light to grow. The grower can provide the water and nutrients, but where does the light come from, and how much? In the months of the dark days, such as December and January, more light may be needed. Put your edible plants in south-facing windows to provide as much natural light as possible. Use indoor grow lights such as a cool fluorescent bulb suspended over your plants. Maybe your under cabinet lights would be a great place to raise some lettuce. Available through Amazon and other stores are incredible indoor gardening pots set up with a light source you may want to try out.

Indoor Container Gardening
Pots are great for growing your indoor garden. They are easy to move and can provide fresh soil and excellent drainage for your fresh herbs and vegetables. What a great way to have an indoor garden that can spruce up your dining room. Moving your favorite lemon tree indoors is a great way to have a beautiful plant providing fresh fruit.

Plant Suggestions
Although rosemary and lavender do well in the winter, outdoors, most herbs do not. Herbs are great for an indoor garden and easy to grow. Try basil, oregano, and parsley. Pots are great for tomatoes and peppers and mushrooms should be in a dark and damp area such as the basement. Try salad greens so easy to grow under the fluorescent lights on your kitchen cabinets. Seed sprouts such as pea, lentil, or radish also grow great indoors. Indoor gardening in pots also lends to growing root crops such as carrots and potatoes. Below is a list of some things to try.
-Herbs such as parsley, oregano, thyme, basil, and many more
-Greens such as kale, lettuce, Swiss chard
Other options abound, but this is a starting place to try winter herbs and vegetables indoors.

How to keep them alive?
It is dry in the winter, so mist your plants with water to keep them moisturized. Don’t overdo this because mold can form. Water on a routine with excellent drainage.
Extra fertilizer is warranted indoors. Get specific nutrients from your nursery for each particular type of plant you are growing.
No bees, birds, or insects are around to pollinate the plants, so when they bloom, lightly shake the plant to distribute the pollen. You can also use a small paintbrush to spread the pollen as well.

The important lesson is to have an enjoyable garden year-round, eat fresh vegetables and herbs even in the winter and enjoy it. This is an excellent project for the winter months to do as a family or just by yourself.

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