Feverfew Natural Health

Have a Migraine – Meet Feverfew

Tanacetum parthenium L. Schulz-Bip.

A relative to dandelions and marigolds, this plant has a profusion of tiny daisylike flowers.  In a garden, feverfew requires little attention. Used in ancient times to treat fever. Over time many herbalists recommended feverfew for treatment of headaches and thus, through testing became a natural migraine suppressant. This herb has shown that it decreases the frequency and pain of migraines. Not completely known why studies have shown that it works. It has a bitter taste so many take it through capsules but should you choose to grow it, feverfew is best in the shade, chew two leaves a day. Some safety issues can occur such as mouth sores (when chewed) and pregnant woman should not use it.  If you are using blood thinning medications, you should consult a doctor before use.

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