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Is Your Dog Sick? Meet Aloe Vera

Aloe spp.

What are the best herbs for man’s best friend, the family dog. I will discuss one of the  best here but there will be many more blogs on this subject with more suggestions. Many herbs and spices are added to commercial dog food to promote good health. It becomes important that you not only know the good, healthy ones but also the bad ones for your dog. Let’s start with a really good one.

Aloe Vera is a plant that is easy to grow indoors. It can also be grown outside in warmer climates, away from direct sunlight. It contains many amino acids and minerals. It also contains vitamin A, C, and E. This plant makes a cool and soothing salve that can be used as treatment for itch relief, abrasions, and even sunburn for your dog.  There are mixed reviews on dogs consumption of aloe vera juice. To error on the safe side, dogs should never ingest any part of the aloe vera plant. It is mildly toxic for domestic animals, and will cause vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, depression, and urinary changes.


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