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It is Your Health. Grow Your Herbs, Be Fresh!

Herbs, you might ask, why should I grow them and what should I grow? This book, “A Beginner’s Guide: 33 Healing Herbs to Know, Grow and Use” will help you a lot. Two great questions so let me start out in a time zone, before drugs existed. People had to count on plants to solve their ailments. Natural health care was not a choice but a necessity. All parts of plants were tested for their healing capabilities and the answers were collected through time. By trial and error many plants and plant parts were identified for specific ailments and used. Most of this information was passed on through word of mouth since the first printed volume for the public was not produced until the 17th century. People during this time frame dried the plants for future use and also produced oils, and salves for different remedies. The user could count on the freshness of the products. It is amazing that in our time, this original research is supported by many clinical trials on many herbs and it seems that the ancients were on the right track, it works.

So, why grow our own herbs for natural treatments. The answer is, to have options for treating our own health through time tested remedies. For one thing, they are fresh. To get parsley, for example, the user just needs to go and pick it. Also, herbs are relatively easy to grow both inside as well as outside. Depending on where the user lives, seasons may only span from one month to another but the option of an inside garden becomes even more attractive. Another reason to grow your medicinal herbs is the user knows what has been put in them, sprayed on them and how pure the plants are. If the user buys from a source, there is no way to know what filler has been added or what pesticides have been used. Of course there are health stores available in all parts of the country. Even here the user doesn’t know the process used for storage or even picking. Too long exposure to heat or light can destroy some of the properties of the plants, even dried. If the user must buy some plant products make sure to know where they came from, how old they are and how the process was controlled.

Finally for this blog, why raise plants and harvest them? Well, the herbs are attractive to your home and garden, many with beautiful flowers, such as Lavender. The seeds are very inexpensive thus saving money and the resulting plant is unquestionably pure. So let’s get to it. Go here to get your indoor starter kit. Designs of an outside and inside herb garden will be in future blogs as well as what to plant. Get started!

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