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Need Health Boosting Help – Meet Garlic

Allium sativum L.

Garlic has been around for several thousand years for consumption and use. It’s past include Egyptian and Roman use in preparation of food and medicinal.  Today, about 80% of the garlic comes from China. It is related in genus, Allium, to the onion, chive and leek. Garlic is probably the most health boosting herb on earth. An important antibiotic and anti-viral, it’s suggested use includes colds, flu and bronchitis. Well know for lowering blood pressure and reducing high cholesterol, it should be part of everyone’s diet. It boosts the immune system.

Bulbs are harvested in the summer while planted in early spring. Relatively easy to grow, so check your planting zone. The plant loves the sun but humidity not so much. Garlic is also available in powder and capsules. Follow the manufacturers directions, use in your food for seasoning, about 2-4 cloves daily with meals. What a powerhouse of an herb to use and boost your health.

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