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Depressed, Have Insomia – Meet St. John’s Wort

Hypericum perforatum L.

This herb has been healing for over 2000 years. When the petals of the flower are rubbed a blood-red liquid is released. Naturally, this must have power or so it was believed.  St. John’s Wort was associated with wounds that bled and their healing. The red liquid was perfect for mixing into oil and rubbing on wounds and bruises. The believed power this plant held flowed over into protection from witches spells, evil spirits and to ensure healthy crops. Used as a treatment for wounds in the past, today it is used as an antidepressant. St. John’s wort contains hypericin, an antidepressant, and flavonoids for immune boosting. A weedy plant, you can use both the flowers and leaves for treatment of wounds and as an antidepressant, it is usually sold as a capsule for depression. Many brands carry it as mood, anxiety and depression support. Externally the herb is incredible for reducing inflammation. Follow the directions on the label. Other uses might be PMS reduction in symptoms. The oil can be used as a topical treatment as well for aches and pains. Put flowers in olive oil for a couple of weeks and let stand in the sun. Strain the oil and keep the liquid in a dark place between uses, for up to 1 year.

Grow it in your garden. St. John’s wort does well in well-drained areas in full sun. The full bloom of the flowers is mid to late July.

There are some safety notes. Interaction with some prescription medications has occurred so check with your doctor.

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