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Want an Outdoor Garden – Plant Herbal Remedies

Yes, you can have a beautiful garden and a healthy one growing your own herbal remedies. Start at the back of your garden with lavender and echinacea. The cornflowers of the echinacea will go beautifully with the deep purple of the lavender. Put chamomile with its profusion of daisylike flowers in the front. Next to this, border with the lush green foliage and white flowers of lemon balm. Calendula with its bright orange flower would make a wonderful addition to this garden as well. Additional plants you may want to add would be parsley, thyme, sage, and oregano. Can not leave basil out, it is a wonderful herb not only for its healthy qualities but its flavor in food such as pesto.
Grow mint in a separate pot, it tends to take over wherever it is.  Pay attention to the species you choose, some varieties differ from the plants with the most potential for healing. Compare the scientific names of the plants, not just the common ones to make sure you are getting the right one.  Also, it goes without saying, the weather and seasons where you live make a large difference as well.  This blog will talk more about planting outside, it is the season, but will also talk about planting inside as well.  Each herbs purpose will be highlighted in continuing blogs as well as drying the herbs for future use, making oils, salves, and tinctures plus more.

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